Transition to the labelled (marked) diesel (LPR).

ASTARTE would like to inform you about the transition to the labelled (marked) fuel supply for producers of agricultural products on 30 October, 2015…

By October 30, 2015 will come into force amendments to the Law on "Excise Tax" which states that fuel products to agricultural product producers are labelled (marked) with fiscal marker and blue dye. Petrol stations and fuel wholesale outlets will be issuing the balance of the unmarked diesel (LPR) before October 29, 2015.

Starting October 30, 2015 diesel fuel for agricultural product producers (LPR) shall be issued only in the labelled form with a blue dye.

Please be informed that during the process of transition the LPR in petrol stations and fuel wholesale outlets from October 30, 2015. will not be available due to balance inventory, emptying tanks and the marked LPR loading, all of which could take up to 7 (seven) working days.

Therefore, we ask in time to fill up the necessary LPR amount and have savings for seven days BEFORE October 30, 2015.