Ltd “ASTARTE-NAFTA” is Latvian national fuel seller with 100% Latvian capital and one of the largest taxpayer in Zemgale region. The company works in the petroleum products retail sales and wholesales field since 1991. ASTARTE owns a tax warehouse, service base and 30 petrol stations (PS) in Latvia.
ASTARTE-NAFTA principal values are: qualitative fuel and services; knowledge about the wishes of our clients; unity of company’s team and high professionalism of the employees.

At this moment the Company employs more than 300 employees.

ASTARTE-NAFTA receives fuel from refining industries, performs storing, retail sales and wholesales thereof. All our petroleum products conform to the highest European standards.

The company offers different types of fuel and greases for competitive process and ensures delivery of fuel with its transport to other fuel sellers and end users – farmers, carriers, builders, loggers, municipal motor transports, etc.

Types of fuel:
– 95 RON
– 98 RON
– Diesel
– Diesel SUPER
– Diesel for producers of agricultural products (LPR)
– Biodiesel B100
– Autogas
– Marked diesel for heating

In ASTARTE-NAFTA petrol stations clients are offered to use the Client cards and Fuel cards.

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